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2021/07/14 - 15:27

The Doctoral School of Applied Informatics and Applied Mathematics, Óbuda University promotes conference participation to present and publish student research results at recognized international conferences. The next event is the PhD Student Workshop on Applied Informatics in Computational Intelligence (organized by L...

2015/11/02 - 10:43

The Doctoral School of Applied Informatics and Applied Mathematics (AIAMDI) of the Óbuda University offers the help and guidance of internationally recognized professors and researchers. Their publications about AIDI doctoral program relevant research work can be tracked in leading international journals and also in the IEEE Xplore digital Library. The AIDI is open...

2015/11/02 - 10:43

In order to assure high international level of research and course activities, an International Advisory Board has been established at the AIDI. The Board members are internationally recognized scientists. The AIDI gratefully acknowledge the support from the Board at the conceptualization and elaboration of the interdisciplinary doctoral program of the new Doctoral School of Applied...

Higher Education Quality Award

Óbuda University


Formal handover certificate


Formal handover certificate


Student activities to close fall semester of 2020/21
2021/05/21 - 14:30


Dear Students,

Please, read the information letter carefully!


Hungarian Fuzzy Association Youth Award
2020/10/13 - 17:12

This year, similarly to the previous ones, the Hungarian Fuzzy Association plans to award the...

Current information about the report
2020/06/25 - 10:51

Dear Colleagues,

As it was announced in the semester closing program of...