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Bell Labs Prize 2022

Nokia Bell Labs has kicked off the Bell Labs Prize competition for 2022.  The Bell Labs Prize will give any researcher, in participating countries around the globe, the chance to introduce their ideas to the world, and collaborate with world-renowned Bell Labs researchers. The Bell Labs Prize winners will take home cash awards worth as much as $100,000, and the chance to further develop their ideas at Bell Labs, where possible. 


We are seeking novel proposals in any field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—proposals that have the potential to disrupt or profoundly change the state of human knowledge or endeavor. 


The winners will receive awards of $100,000 (grand prize), $50,000 (second place) or $25,000 (third place). Additionally, through the process, Bell Labs may engage with contest participants as part of our active collaboration with and recruitment of highly skilled and innovative researchers.


The deadline to enter the Bell Labs Prize contest is April 22nd. For more information, visit the Bell Labs Prize web site. 



Csaba Vulkán